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The Ugly Duckling?

Everyone’s heard Hans Christian Andersen’s story of the ugly duckling, in which a young waterbird believes himself to be a duck, but looks nothing like the other ducks… And finally runs away, and eventually finds that he’s actually a swan. But have you heard the tale of the duckling who didn’t believe he was a duckling? …No? Well, let me tell you. Continue reading

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Change is in the Heart

He thought he knew himself, inside and out. He thought he knew what was wrong. He thought he knew the way to fix it. He looked in the mirror, found a different person each day. He looked for the reason … Continue reading

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The Springtime of My Soul

Based on one of the truest stories I know.  (by the way, I wrote this after the sonnet form, though it doesn’t match precisely) The Springtime of My Soul The spring is late this year and winter’s reign, Has lingered … Continue reading

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“Good” Friday?

“Yet it was our pain that he bore, our sufferings he endured. We thought of him as stricken, struck down by God and afflicted, But he was pierced for our sins, crushed for our iniquity.” —  Isaiah 53: 4 – … Continue reading

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The Song of Bernadette

I have always felt a certain affinity for narrative works, both prose and poetry, that are labelled as “songs.” For example, Gary Paulsen’s Dogsong and the French epic The Song of Roland.  Although I’m not certain of why, I can’t shake off … Continue reading

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