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Molten to Solid

matter molten to solid a transition occurs slowness or swiftness might seem unimportant the start and the finish unchanged: molten to solid. what after all is the point in postponing the final stage of transformation? what does it avail to … Continue reading

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An ordered perspective on a chaotic system, words and sentences, numbers and tables, precipitate from raw unkempt haphazard nature. Patterns settle out kaleidoscopically, a desk, pen and paper, concentration, review and edit making sense at least superficial. A changed perspective on … Continue reading

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Phase Transition

Sublimation, Glass transition, Sintering and liquefaction, Substance changes In extremis, All predictions are but guesses. Observation, Experimentation, These reveal what alteration <> <> <> Has taken place, What new-formed face Appears upon each change of phase. © Samuel Birrer and … Continue reading

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beginning buried in blackness,
bit by bit, bright beams breach the barrier, 
thoughtfully shining thread-like through the silence. 
inside, in the center, something stirs. Continue reading

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What joy can be found
With sorrow close by its side
These two hold hands Continue reading

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A hundred raindrops falling on the just and the unjust A hundred fingers tapping thoughtfully at window panes A hundred miles walked to a holy place A hundred voices speaking softly from the heart A hundred kisses blossoming briefly, never … Continue reading

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Die Geheimnisse der Zukunft

Werd’ ich rein wie Edelstein, Einmal in der Zukunft sein? Oder frei wie Falken fliegen, Über dunkle Wolken siegen? Wozu werd’ ich endlich werden, Wie lang stehe ich noch auf Erden? Werd’ ich meine Teufel umbringen, Bevor sie selbst auf mich … Continue reading

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I could stand still if I knew where I was headed, but the light is gone long since; I have lost my destination (or destiny) in the fog. To walk is stumbling steps, starting, stopping, striking stones before my faltering … Continue reading

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What I Might Have Done

What I Might Have Done Is a poison of uncertainty seeping through my mind. What if, what if… Would I be happier, Would I be more alive? Would that man Have lived a while longer Had I been there By … Continue reading

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The Ugly Duckling?

Everyone’s heard Hans Christian Andersen’s story of the ugly duckling, in which a young waterbird believes himself to be a duck, but looks nothing like the other ducks… And finally runs away, and eventually finds that he’s actually a swan. But have you heard the tale of the duckling who didn’t believe he was a duckling? …No? Well, let me tell you. Continue reading

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