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Ziphozonke* — Small Burdens

Always bubbling Childhood dreams emerge Floating gently Heavenward. Iridescent jewel-knitted Luminous memories now offer Prayerful quiet repose Subtly tingling Under vernally woven xyloid yearnings. *Ziphozonke is sometimes used as a Zulu name. It literally means “all the gifts”. I also … Continue reading

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Die Geheimnisse der Zukunft

Werd’ ich rein wie Edelstein, Einmal in der Zukunft sein? Oder frei wie Falken fliegen, Über dunkle Wolken siegen? Wozu werd’ ich endlich werden, Wie lang stehe ich noch auf Erden? Werd’ ich meine Teufel umbringen, Bevor sie selbst auf mich … Continue reading

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The Kalevala (1)

My deepest apologies for not having contributed to this blog in over a year.  For any of you who are still paying attention to what goes on here, I applaud your tenacity.  As a note, this post is intended to … Continue reading

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A quick-and-dirty Python word generator for Scrabble

Originally posted on Scrounging for Data:
I haven’t had a chance to do much coding this semester, and I’ve been itching to get back into it.  My problem with coding has always been finding interesting projects that aren’t too difficult…

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