Thoughts on a Blackboard

faded memories
particles clinging for a time
forming meaning
in words and shapes
bullet points or diagrams

a beautiful mess
barely readable – yet
worth the understanding

a landscape left
or a portrait
fit for the Louvre or the Met
lingering till next class
gentle outlines remaining
for whoever sees

rude comments forgotten
replaced with encouragement
in exclamation marks
and simple smiling faces

treasures left
by pseudonyms
and the odd proud author

quotations coming
from the venerable pens
of Einstein, Napoléon, Shakespeare
attributed and misattributed
by some modern wit

in quarter-hour blocks
marked off by tired-eyed proctors
for students just as dazed

a few hours break
professor J. using the projector
and “MATH 110 WILL MEET IN 315”

brilliant dusty hands transcribe
fallacies unnoticed
and truths unrecognized

thoughts scribbled by many hands
and erased
despite the desperate DNE
scrawled in a corner

and all this
just scattered memories
retained in fractions by
an unspecial handful of humans

© Samuel Birrer and Serendipity, 2017.

About SamBirrer

Professional chemist and amateur writer with a love of learning. Trying to live with a Scout Mindset:
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