A Raindrop

Here is a free verse poem that I just composed about a week ago, after looking at a raindrop clinging to the outside of a window.  I hope you all enjoy it!

A Raindrop

Once I found the world,
Reflected in the lens
Of a single raindrop.

Within its quivering sphere,
Were the summer sky,
The twilight,
And the black beyond the stars.
The greatest thundering ocean
And the smallest stream –
The roots of the earth
And the edge of the sky –
The beginning,
And end of time –

And there,
Within that liquid sphere,
Was I,
A tiny figure, yet –
I thought –
From all else that was in the world arrayed.

And when I moved
That figure moved as well,
And ripples seemed
To spread from where he stood,
To touch the world around.

And when the motion ceased,
It seemed to me,
The world took on a newer, brighter hue,
And all the marvels which the eye could see
Were only the prettier to behold.

Alas, a raindrop cannot be forever,
And disappears beneath the flaming sun,
But now if ever I come upon a raindrop,
I look to see if I
Can find the world
Reflected there.

© Samuel Birrer and Serendipity, 2013.


About SamBirrer

Chemistry student and undergrad researcher at Rutgers University. Minors in math and geology. President of Rutgers Chemistry Society (student chapter of ACS).
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