Dream Impressions

Here is the most recent addition to my collection of original poetry… a free verse foray into the realm of fantasy.

Dream Impressions

Falling, flying,
softly, silently,
through deep murky waters,
through starry blackness,
through a grey mist.

A silver mare,
flying across
a silent, moonstruck landscape.

A sentinel
atop a white tower,
gazing through the foggy night.

White pennants
limp in the heavy air,
awaiting some fearful host, darkly arrayed.

A hundred shadowy faces,
seeming strangely familiar,
yet unrecognizable.

Alabaster chessmen,
met across
a checkered battleground.

Lofty, snowy peaks,
against a pale autumn sky.

A single brilliant star,
like a jewel,
set upon a sable field.

A world at once
vanishes in the blink of an eye.

All that remains is the gleam
of evening sunlight,
dancing on the ripples of a river.

© Samuel Birrer and Serendipity, 2013.

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