Here’s another original free verse poem, written (as you might have guessed) just after a rainstorm.  I love the fresh, liquid clarity of the atmosphere when the rain has just ceased to fall.  I hope this poem brings some of that newness to its readers.


Three Days it rained –
the clouds obscured
the very lights in heaven’s dome.
for those Three Days,
the earth despaired –
but Oh!
how it rejoiced,
after the rain.

The sun returned,
the very air Exulted,
breathing life
to every living thing!

The scents
of bright mayflowers,
just unfolding,
in the Sun –

The drops
of life’s sweet water,
on velvet petals –

The notes
of joyful birdsongs,
Angels’ music,
on the wind –

The taste
of sweetest nectar
the Ambrosia
of the earth –

The beauty
of the newborn leaves,
sprung up,
towards the Light –

Yes! the world received new life
on that Third Day –
After the rain.

© Samuel Birrer and Serendipity, 2013.


About SamBirrer

Chemistry student and undergrad researcher at Rutgers University. Minors in math and geology. President of Rutgers Chemistry Society (student chapter of ACS).
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2 Responses to Rejuvenation

  1. Kate Maxwell says:

    And the implicit significance of the three days is profound indeed.

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